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Pivoting to online events?

While we're all practicing social distancing & in-person events all over the world have been canceled, many businesses have turned to virtual events to still spread the word and raise much-needed funds.

Running a virtual event can be a great way to reach a large audience while still following social distancing best practices and government regulations.

To help your plan your virtual event and ensure it runs smoothly, here are some tips for hosting a virtual event.

* Create a game plan - Whether big or small, offline or online, pre-recorded or live, every event should have a strategy.

* Develop an accurate budget - Remember going virtual is not free. There are the same or even more costs to be sure to include in your budget planning. AV, design, printing, streaming, professional help, and "Swag" are just some of the items you will need to consider.

* Promote the event - Find fans of your organization to promote your event and Incentivize the event audience. Small giveaways and contests are one way to call attention to your event and your cause. *Over-communicate - Via social media, mail, blog, word of mouth, and phone calls. You can never communicate enough when going virtual.

* Encourage engagement - Design a great hashtag for your event, encourage your supporters to post photos, create a poster, and gather all friends and family to participate in your event. For virtual events, the more the merrier.

* Bring in heavy hitters - Do you a local star who loves your organization? Ask them to do a promotional video. Friends of the organization who put your event on "blast" are another fun way to advertise your event and bring in new supporters.

* Make it look professional - We are past the days of standing in front of a curtain. Find a way to make the event customized to your theme. Large cut-outs of animals for a zoo event, map of your community for a fun run, or photos of students or teachers for a school event. People remember when you make it special.

*Follow up with your supporters - Going virtual, you will find new people who love what you are doing for your community and the world. Don't forget to follow up and thank them for coming to your event. This one-touch may bring in a donor for life.

*HAVE FUN! People will feel the love you give. Things go wrong, we are all more forgiving when we can laugh it off and show our human side.

Good luck to everyone currently managing & pivoting to online events. Feel free to drop us a line if you need help.

Continue to stay safe!

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