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Next Level Zoom Parties

We're all doing them. Zoom meetings, zoom classes, zoom family meetings and now zoom parties. But how can you make them more fun? Let's take your party to the next level:

* Send out proper invitations. We've used Canva, PicMonkey and other online tools but if you're not feeling the creative juices, take a look at Etsy and for a reasonable cost someone can design one for you.

* Themes! They aren't just for children's birthday parties. We are all tired of wearing our pajamas (kind of) but dressing up can perk up even the grumpiest family member especially if its for a party with your friends. Set a fun but easy theme that everyone can follow. You could do just a simple Color theme, a Pool Party theme with all the fun props like goggles, snorkels and pool inflatables and you could take it all the way up to formal attire complete with pearls, top hats and your best black tie attire. Make sure you give out awards for the best dressed, funniest costume, most creative and more.

*Lets Eat. So many options are available now for upping your food game. You could use a delivery service to drop off food or goodies for your guests. You could send out a simple menu of foods for your guests to prepare beforehand or even have a most creative use of an ingredient contest.

* The next logical tip would be DRINKS. Nobody ever really wants to drink alone so a cocktail party with your friends is much more fun. One of the easiest ways elevate your party is to develop your own cocktail and send out the recipe before your event so you can all enjoy one together. A simple tip to making your own cocktail is to start with a "Mocktail" recipe that your guests could choose to add spirits to or not. Make sure to give your cocktail a fun name to add to the festivities. Here's a simple recipe you can try: 1.5 oz pineapple juice, 1.5 oz cranberry juice, 1 squeezed lime wedge. You can add 1.5 oz vodka if you'd like. Combine all the ingredients in a shaker full of ice. Shake vigorously. Pour into an old fashioned glass full of ice. Garnish with an orange wheel.

From Bingo to doing a virtual wine tasting - the possibilities for online parties are endless. By doing a little pre-party planning you can host a memorable Zoom party.

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