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Personal touches for your virtual event

A virtual event does not mean those personal touches that we love are no longer required. While we cannot add value by centerpieces of vignettes, virtual events can still be creative and more importantly still provide the guest a special experience.

For a number of our recent events we have created "gala in a box" or "gala swag bags". These are curated, unique and tailored specifically to the client's guests. Here are a few tips when putting together your own specially curated package:

* always have the client in mind. What is special about the client that we can incorporate in our boxes?

* Show care and thoughtfulness when selecting items. Shop local. For example, use a local bakery for desserts or cupcakes with the clients name and logo or buy handmade truffles from a local Chocolatier.

* Be clever and thoughtful, think about the guests that are now stuck at home. Items that could be useful for the boxes include playing cards, paint by numbers, puzzles.

Ultimately what experience can you provide that will leave attendees feeling they were reached on a personal level? That is what we try and accomplish when we create our packages. The very best of luck to everyone as they plan their virtual events.

Continue to stay safe,


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